October 05, 2011

High on a Hill by Dorothy Garlock

I didn't like this one as well as "On the Edge of Town". In this story, there are a whole new set of characters. But a few return from the first book, mainly Jack Jones and Corbin, the lawman from the first book. A few other characters are mentioned as well but they don't play as active a role in the book.

Anabelle Lee is the daughter of a bootlegger. They have moved out to a farm in the woods along with Boone and Spinner, her father's helpers. Here they plan on pulling off one last large job before getting out of the business. Settling into the farm Anabelle loves her new home. While her father would prefer she be a society girl and have the life he never had, she enjoys taking care of the chickens and her new cow. She also has eyes for Corbin when they meet.

Unfortunately, everyone is not as happy as they are. A local boy has his eyes set on Anabelle and doesn't want to take no for an answer. In addition, someones taken offense to her father's book legging and wants to run him into the ground, and anyone who gets in the way.

I felt that this story didn't have as much of a plot as the first, hence the short overview of it. While there was supposed to be a lot going on it was more the characters talking than anything happening. I also felt that the characters weren't as nicely developed as the first book. They seemed to lack the warmth and I just couldn't get as into the story as I would have liked.

Another thing I noticed in this book was the author's obsession with breasts. They seemed to be mentioned at least once in every chapter, and not always in the crude way of some of the antagonists. It seemed that she really liked describing them.

With the first book, this one also did not seem as a genuine fit to the time. The character's expressions and some of their actions just didn't fit the 1920's to me. While Garlock's writing is very well put together, I just don't think she represented the time as well.

I know that most of this review sounds negative and I do want to say that if I hadn't have read her first book, I probably would have liked this one better. It had a well thought out plot, it just seemed like more could have been done to enact it better. Its a good read for a lazy Saturday.

High On A Hill
Copyright 2002
385 pages

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