October 08, 2011

The BFG by Roald Dahl

I remember liking this book when I was little. So I decided to reread it, but somehow its lost its charm for me since my childhood. It is still an interesting read, but I think its one of those books where kids just have more appreciation for it.

Sophie sees a dark shadow and the next thing she knows she's being scooped up out of her bed at the orphanage and whisked away. It's only later that she discovers that she has been "kidnapped" by the BFG, possibly the only giant out there who is big, friendly, and doesn't eat humans. The only problem is the other giants aren't quite as nice as him, and they are galloping off every night to eat people. Sophie knows that she and the BFG should do something, she's just not sure what they should do.

The BFG linguistically is very interesting, although I do have to say his speech drives me nuts. I probably loved it as a kid but now I just found it tedious and annoying. Sophie was ok as a character and actually provided some interest to the story. The other giants I thought were very unfairly made out and it seemed wrong that there was only one good giant out of them all. You would think there would be more like the BFG.

For the plot it actually was pretty compelling, but somewhat gruesome for a children's novel. I know the thought of giants gobbling me down in the night is actually quite frightening now let alone when you're smaller. As said before it is an easy children's read but reading the giant's speech can be tedious at times and lessens the enjoyment of the book.

Its not the best of Dahl's work but it does have an interesting story. However, I think he could have pulled it off a little better.

Copyright 1982
208 pages

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