October 08, 2011

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

This is one of my favorite children's books. But I should know better than to read it at work. Everyone in the work cafeteria probably thinks I'm an emotional wreck as it never fails to bring tears to my eyes and I unwisely chose to read on my lunch hour. But its a great book thats full of emotion.

Jess is a boy in the middle of a family of girls. His parents don't have much time for him, and he's not very popular, but he's determined to be the fastest runner when he goes back to school. His plans are quickly dashed though when the new tomboyish girl Leslie beats everyone; including Jess. But it doesn't end up mattering, he becomes friends with Leslie and together they build their own fantasy world of Terabithia where they can rule fairly over their subjects. But then tragedy strikes and everything changes.

Leslie and Jess are both really great characters. They have their own personalities but still make great friends. Leslie especially is a great character as she is so full of life and good ideas. Jess's sister is pretty cool too (the six year old one) and she makes a good nuisance while still being a good character. The adults are all pretty distant in this book, but they are still very realistically done.

For a plot this is certainly a sad one. But I really like it. There is so much emotion written to this book but for that same token, not all children may be able to handle it. It deals with some of the harsher realities out there. Like I said before, it made me cry. Still, this is a good book for adults and children alike. Very good themes are explored.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone. Its one of the better reads out there (and the movie isn't half bad either).

Bridge to Terabithia
Copyright 1977
128 pages

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