October 09, 2011

Shotgun Bride by Linda Lael Miller

It's hit or miss with Linda Lael Miller sometimes. While I liked the idea of the plot of this novel, unfortunately, it just wasn't carried out well nor were its characters compelling.

Kade McKettrick, after returning with his lost brother to his home town and family ranch, finds a surprise waiting for him in the form of 6 mail order brides. They all have their qualities for sure, but his attention is drawn to Sister Mandy, a woman he's sure isn't a nun. But she has secrets of her own and seems to be tied in the crimes that have been happening around the area, the lead of which is a giant robbery and murder. Could Mandy know more than she claims?

The characters weren't the greatest in this book. The side characters were ok, but I wasn't impressed with the rest of them. All of their motivations weren't very believable and Mandy especially had some strange goings on. She tried too hard to be independent or a rebel. Her brother Cree was also very unbelievable and had too much of a mood switch and motivation change. Kade McKettrick was kind of a jerk and as the main male lead, I didn't really enjoy reading about him.

The plot had promise and was filled with plenty of excitement, but the lackluster characters mellowed it down so it didn't live up to its potential. You would think a book with robberies, gun flights, and dangerous people milling about would have been better. Since this is a romance I do have to comment on the fact that there are sex scenes in this book. If this is not your cup of tea I suggest you stay away from all of Miller's books as they all contain this feature. Her writing is easy to read though; she doesn't get too verbose and usually her characters are compellingly done.

I will keep reading the series, but I'm not as eager to start on the next one as I was before.

Shotgun Bride
Copyright 2003
432 pages

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