October 09, 2011

A Thread So Thin by Marie Bostwick

I read the first book of this series and absolutely loved it. This is the 3rd book in the series (somehow I missed the 2nd) and while it was good, it wasn't as good as the first. I do advise reading the first (and probably the 2nd) as story lines will make a lot more sense than if you were to just start on this book.

A few years after the quilt shop opened, its still doing fine. And now, Evelyn (the owner)'s son has proposed to Liza, a friend of their. But Liza isn't sure she's ready to get married. She still doesn't know what she wants from life. But she finally agrees and everything about the wedding is taken over by her overbearing aunt. Liza starts losing herself in the plans and wonders if she'll ever come back to being her. Meanwhile, Evelyn too struggles with the thought of marrying her beau, even though she loves him.

The characters that I fell in love with in the first book weren't as bright and shiny in this one. I felt like their motivations weren't very believable for a majority of the time or that their actions just didn't fit. They're still nice characters, they just lack that charm that they once had. Maybe it was because I missed the 2nd book and what they did there; but I don't think that was it.

For a plot it too was actually not as interesting as the first. There was a lot of wedding and character intrigue, but I didn't find it as heartwarming as the first. As said before, it just didn't have that charm. I did like all the mentions of quilts in it but would have loved a visual aid as I had trouble picturing some of them in my head. Still, it gave me a few ideas. Its not a terrible book in the grand scheme of things; its still good, but after the first book I just had higher expectations.

If you like quilting and friendship stories you'll probably like this book. But definitely read them in order!

A Thread So Thin
Copyright 2010
332 pages

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