October 09, 2011

McKettrick's Luck by Linda Lael Miller

This is the first in a series about the modern McKettrick men. Cowboys by birth, there is a whole range of series about this rather large family tree but it isn't necessary to read all of them in order to enjoy any one certain book. This one was pretty good in my opinion.

Jesse has always been the wild one of the group. Living it up as a trust fund baby he mostly spends his day playing cowboy or playing poker. But a new interest has caught his attention in the form of Cheyenne Bridges. She wants some land he owns and is determined to change his mind about selling it (and her boss is determined to play dirty). He strings her along as he's interested in her, but will he be able to resist her when she starts doing her best to change his mind?

Jesse was a good character. He was fun, not totally perfectly, and generally just a scoundrel while still being kind. Cheyenne made a good balance for him as she's a workaholic and more serious. It was definitely the opposites attract kind of relationship but still steamy. The side characters were also good. I liked Cheyenne's family and the McKettrick line always has quite a few unusual people. They really add to the novel instead of distracting from it. My only complaint was that the antagonists were pretty tame. It seemed like they could have caused a little more trouble than they did.

For a plot this one was kind of weak in action, but it was still a decent read. Miller has a nice way of writing and you can easily get enveloped in her characters and stories. You should know though, that this is a romance, and as such contains all the writing that that entails. I'll leave your imagination to figure the rest of that out. I do think that this book probably could have had some scenes cut out. It was longer than necessary and as such, the pacing drug at times.

Overall though it was a good romance. Just what I like for a lazy evening at home.

McKettrick's Luck
Copyright 2007
367 pages

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