October 11, 2011

Doctor in Petticoats by Mary Connealy

This book is the first in a series called Sophie's daughters. Its based off of characters in a previous series known as Lassoed in Texas but its not really necessary to read that series first. I had actually gone backwards in this particular series but I was very relieved to find out that this first book is much better than the other two in the series.

Beth has been East receiving medical training and now is on her way home to become a doctor of sorts to her town. With her on the stagecoach is a man named Alex who appears to be drunk until the stage enters danger and he steps in to help. With the wreckage of another stagecoach Beth learns that Alex is a doctor, and a very good one at that, but he is haunted by his past and unable to do any medical procedures without Beth there to help him. Thinking it practical, they decide to marry and run a doctor's office together. But trouble doesn't leave them for long, with Alex a deserter from the army someone begins to hunt the both of them.

While I believe that all of Connealy's characters fall in love entirely too fast, the characters in this book are pretty good. I like how no-nonsense Beth is and Alex is a surprisingly sensitive character where most of her male characters are strong and gruff. Even her parents play a larger role in this book and are very strong supportive characters. I think about the worst character was the Lieutenant. I couldn't understand his rapid thought changes or the motivations behind them. He was just plain confusing.

The plot goes well enough. It adds a certain element of uniqueness in her writing for it to be the male character being tracked down for once. And the fact that she tried to throw in a woman doctor and show the hardships they faced in that era was interesting as well. The writing was as clear and easy to read as ever and even though they're simple, Connealy has a way with romances that keeps them entertaining. This is a Christian Fiction novel like many of her others but there's barely any mention of religion in this one. Which made it nice and non-distracting.

Definitely the best one out of the series although not the best of her work. I think anyone who liked any of her other books would probably enjoy this one.

Doctor In Petticoats
Copyright 2010
318 pages

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