October 09, 2011

Montana Rose by Mary Connealy

Sometimes its hit or miss with Connealy's work. This one was a hit for me. It taught some very important lessons about being yourself and was a very inspiring book for me.

Cassie had been controlled for all of her not so long life. Now eighteen and pregnant, she has to watch as her husband is being buried. As it is rural Montana the dirt isn't even all settled before numerous men start clamoring to be the one to marry her and take care of her. Luckily, Red Dawson steps in before one of the less than savory men takes off with her against her will. She's frightened of Red at first and he's taken aback at her meekness and cringing, but together they learn about having a true relationship.

I really related with Cassie and her need to please people. It seems that she gave up a lot to try to make the people in her life happy and that still didn't work for her as they just kept taking more and more without giving back. And Red gave me hope that there are good people out there who love unconditionally and don't grow angry for minor things. I realize its just a story, and these are characters, but they had to be based off of real people in some way and that's what makes the story nice for me.

The plot was interesting although the bad guy was kind of off here and there for me. It was nice to see Cassie grow as a person and how the book reflected the changes and struggles that she had as a person. I would say that that was more of the plot than the plotting bad guy. The writing of course was charming and down to earth and made you really care about the people in the book. It is Christian fiction so it was a quite heavy theme of Christianity in the book. But it didn't seem preachy to me and because it was written the way it was, it wasn't oppressing.

Definitely a strong tale of growth and inspiring. This is probably the best one of hers I've read so far.

Montana Rose
Copyright 2009
318 pages

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