October 09, 2011

Harvest Moon by Robyn Carr

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I'm not sure if I've ever read Robyn Carr before. I had thought I had, but then after reading this, I think I would have remembered her writing style. Now that I have read her, I'm not too sure if I like her or not.

After a nervous breakdown at work, Kelly Matlock decides to quit her job as a chef in a high powered restaurant and move to Virgin River to stay with her sister for awhile. While there she meets handsome Lief Holbrook and develops a quick romance. But Lief's got troubles of his own. He has custody of his step daughter and while he loves her, after the death of her mother she has become a bit out of control and depressed. She also doesn't like sharing her father and makes things difficult between Kelly and Lief's relationship.

For characters none of them really stood out to me. If I had to like any it would have been the side characters; I found them more charming than the main characters and their stories were a bit more interesting. I think my biggest problem with the main characters were their motivations. They just weren't realistic. For example, withing seconds of meeting Lief she's spilling out her life story to him. Granted she was drunk, but the way she did it just didn't line up right. And I'm sorry to say that Lief's daughter Courtney is just annoying. I'm supposed to feel sympathy for her but I feel none whatsoever. And that made me sad.

For a plot I guess this one was ok. Average at best. It mainly focused on the daughter Courtney so I feel I might be a little biased in how the story goes because I wasn't very fond of her. But it did provide some entertainment and I didn't totally dislike it as it had some redeeming qualities. I especially liked the description of food since the one main character was a chef. It should be noted that since this is a romance, there are sex scenes and talk of sex scenes.

An ok book but it won't get me rushing out to buy more of Carr's work. Maybe eventually, but its definitely not a priority.

Harvest Moon
Copyright 2011
359 pages

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