October 09, 2011

McKettricks of Texas: Garrett by Linda Lael Miller

I actually started reading Linda Lael Miller through her Creed series (of which I had obtained a free copy) and that was the only reason why I even looked at her. I found the book average, but something told me I should read more because I did like her writing style. So comes this book, the 2nd in the McKettrick series. While I highly recommend starting with the first, not too much was missed by starting out with this one for me as far as background goes.

After the senator he works for dives into a huge scandal, Garrett McKettrick finds himself hiding out at his family ranch. A huge place owned by he and his two brothers, it has been in the family for generations. What he didn't expect to find there though was Julie Remington and her little son Calvin staying in one of the "apartments" of the ranch. Julie proves to be a great distraction and Garrett soon questions his choice about going into politics as he starts spending more time with Julie.

Unfortunately like so many romance novels, the characters in this one are a little too perfect. They always seem to say the right thing or do something amazing. But I guess that's what romances are for, to give a little fantasy. After all, no relationships can be that perfect. Even though all of this went on though, I still liked the characters. Garrett especially was everything a man in a romance novel should be.

For a plot this book jumped all over the place with mini plots and problems. To be honest, there was a lot going on. And those that should have been big kind of got pushed aside when another side plot started. I found it a tad bit distracting and think that Miller could have chosen one or two issues and stuck with that for a better rounded book. At its core though this is a romance and the relationship between Garrett and Julie is what takes main focus. Because of this, reader be warned, there is sex in this book! Just in case you wondered... Miller's writing style is good though and I think that's what keeps me coming back to these books. I just like the tone that they set.

I say give some of her series a try. If not the McKettricks than the Creeds who are just as worthy of reading.

McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
Copyright 2010
376 pages

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