October 09, 2011

Greywalker by Kat Richardson

What a strange paranormal book, but I actually like it for the most part. It has some interesting aspects that are pretty unique and while the plotline could use some work, the ideas are all there.

Harper Blaine is a PI, an unusual job yes, but still dealing with the normal, normally. That is, until an encounter with a criminal leaves her dead for two minutes. After that, things aren't so normal anymore. With the help of some guides she learns that she is now a Greywalker, someone able to cross between the regular world and the paranormal world. Now her clients start to get a little weirder and she is being sucked into the supernatural faster than she really wants to. And its dangerous, she risks her life in helping her clients and doesn't know if she will ever escape from the Grey.

Harper is an ok character. She's somewhat unbelievable at times and comes off as too strong with some of her interactions. But she's likable and her delving into the paranormal is interesting. Sure she doesn't react like any normal person would, but I guess this is a fantasy novel so different beliefs could be suspended. The side characters were also a little off but nice enough people. They too accepted things a little too easy.

For a plot there was a lot of things going on and a lot of excitement. I almost think there was too much going on at times but it was interesting. The pace was pretty quick and you had to keep on your toes or you could miss something during the reading. There was also a lot of description about the paranormal that was hard to follow at times too. As stated before, all those things were accepted a little too easily by everyone involved as well. I did think that the notion of the "grey" was interesting and a good way of describing a layer between the supernatural and the regular. I hadn't quite heard it described like that before and I liked the notion.

Not a bad fantasy and definitely interesting. Some work on the plot and it could be great There's a few more in the series so hopefully they improve from here on out.

Copyright 2006
341 pages

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