October 09, 2011

The McKettrick Legend by Linda Lael Miller

The McKettrick Legend is actually two stories in one; Sierra's Homecoming and The McKettrick Way. Both feature a little bit of supernatural in addition to Miller's usual western theme. As a whole I find Miller's books interesting. They may not be the best written out there, but they are good for entertainment.

Sierra's Homecoming has Sierra coming to live at the famous McKettrick Triple M ranch for a year. Kidnapped by her father when she was very young, she has just recently made the acquaintance of her mom Eve, who has promised to pay for health care for she and her son (who has serious asthma problems) if she lives on the ranch for a year. But Sierra isn't sure what to think about this mother figure in her life, and there's another distraction living on the ranch as well. Travis Reid, the ranch hand, could definitely hold Sierra's attention for awhile. Meanwhile, in a different time, Hannah McKettrick too is fighing an attraction, one that leads her to her dead husband's brother.

In the McKettrick Way, Meg McKettrick, Sierra's half sister, is a little surprised when famous singer Brad O'Ballivan comes back into town to stay, retiring early from his country singing job. Once lovers she has never forgiven him for leaving her when they were supposed to be married, but she can't help the attraction she still feels for him now. It doesn't help that her long dead ancestor Angus McKettrick is a ghost who follows her around and is pushing her to give Brad a 2nd chance.

The characters in this are alright. Miller seems to follow a theme with hard headed women and easy going cowboys that were once bad boys now reformed. I suppose this is ok, I just wish she'd vary it up a little. Things seem to resolve way too quickly for these characters as well as far as love is concerned. It just isn't believable, but then again this is a romance novel.

I was surprised to see the supernatural elements in this book. They just didn't tie in with the rest of the books that I've read. Sure they were interesting, but you had to suspend belief a bit because they weren't natural supernatural elements (if that even makes sense). As stated before the plot does tend to resolve itself fast, sometimes without rhyme or reason. I do enjoy the romances, but I think the characters should have to fight a little harder for love instead of having it handed so easily to them near the end of the book. But this is still good brain candy and I do enjoy Miller's books.

Not a bad part of the McKettrick series. Definitely a two for one special kind of deal.

The McKettrick Legend
Copyright 2006 & 2007
506 pages

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