October 09, 2011

The Music of Dolphins by Karen Hesse

I've had this book for a very long time. And I've probably read it about once a year. Even though its a children's book, it is very thought provoking.

Mila is a young girl who, after her capture by humans, goes to live in a research house where they teach her language, music, and other necessary skills. You see, Mila had been living with dolphins for the greater portion of her life, surviving in the sea and knowing nothing else. Of course the change is a great shock to her but she gradually adapts even though she doesn't always know why the people around her do the things they do or want her to do certain things. But as time goes on, Mila feels more and more the call of the sea and her home with the dolphins.

Mila's a great character. Since you progress with her through the book it is very easy to tell her emotions and thoughts and line them up with everything that's happening to her. The other characters I wasn't quite as fond of, but then again we are seeing them through Mila's eyes so however she's feeling is how they are described. Sandy, out of all the other characters, was probably the most empathetic but Mila had a fondness for Justin too that shines through.

The was this book was written was very interesting actually. The language and text changes as Mila learns and it goes from very basic large text and words to more intricate as her vocabulary expands. When she's talking about her time with the dolphins and thinking its the most clear and poetic of all. I actually really liked the format and thought it interesting. This would be an easy book for kids to read as there's not a lot of unknown vocabulary or concepts, but it teaches them to empathize with other people.

Great children's novel and thought provoking book for any reader. I highly recommend it.

The Music of Dolphins
Copyright 1996
181 pages

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