October 09, 2011

A Creed Country Christmas by Linda Lael Miller

This is probably my favorite of Linda Lael Miller's books that I've read so far. You actually don't even have to read any of the others to appreciate this one although it does give background for them.

Lincoln Creed lives in the wilderness of Montana on his ranch with his young daughter. Desperate for someone to help raise her luck finds him when he encounters Juliana Mitchell at the local general store. Juliana is desperate; she had just been given news that there will be no funding to help the Indian school at which she teaches and she and her four pupils have no where to go. Lincoln opens up his home and with beautiful Juliana, he might possibly open up his heart too.

I like historical romances. I think they're more tender and express a different mind set than the modern ones. I find the characters better too although that might just be my opinion. Lincoln Creed was especially wonderful and I wouldn't have minded reading more about him. Juliana too, although a little too modern for the times, was a nice character and the author made her feel very caring without making it fake. The only fault I would find is that none of the children are really developed too much in the book which is sad because they play such a large part in it.

Since this is a romance there is of course some light sex in it. If that's not your thing, don't read it. But Miller has a nice easy writing style and her romances are easy to get caught up in. This one is especially gentle with no huge conflict, but enough little problems to make it realistic. It was a Christmas novel too which is always cheery because of the subject matter.

A nice job by Miller and definitely a book that will keep me interested in her writing. Off to find some more of those devilish Creed books...

A Creed Country Christmas
Copyright 2009
253 pages

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