October 09, 2011

McKettrick's of Texas: Tate by Linda Lael Miller

This was a pretty good romance, especially coming from Linda Lael Miller as she's hit or miss sometimes. Its the first in a series about the McKettrick's in Texas, but the books could be read in any order with ease.

Back when they were in college, Tate McKettrick hurt Libby real bad. The result of that hurt gave him two beautiful twin daughters, but a loveless marriage that soon saw him divorced. Now back in his hometown, he still pines for Libby but she's not sure she can ever trust him again after his betrayal. But she wants to, badly. There is a connection between the two and even the distraction of her crazy mother can't keep Tate from her thoughts for long. Will Libby let herself love again, or will Tate just break her heart one more time?

Tate was a good character. He was believable and had flaws, unlike a lot of Miller's characters. He made mistakes and tried to rectify them which makes him admirable to me. Libby was ok too. She was very indecisive and a lot of her motivations weren't really explained, but all in all, I still thought she made a good pair with Tate. The rest of the characters were also alright. Although sadly I found Tate's daughters kind of annoying. I did like the addition of all the dogs, they didn't play huge roles but they were important all the same.

This plot was pretty easy going, but it made it more like real life. There was no high adventure, just mishaps and tragedy that could happen to anyone. And I like believable stories. Like always Miller's writing style is smooth and quick to read. She's a romance writer though and this book contains a lot of sex scenes. If that's not your thing then stay clear as I'd estimate there's a scene every fifty pages in this one.

As said before this was my favorite out of the McKettrick's of Texas series. Its not the best writing out there, but for a romance, it'll do.

McKettrick's of Texas: Tate
Copyright 2010
360 pages

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