October 09, 2011

McKettricks of Texas: Austin by Linda Lael Miller

I wasn't as thrilled with these books as I was with the other. I was looking forward to this book because Austin was the adventurous one of the brothers (if such a distinction can be made). Miller likes to focus on the family line of the McKettricks and this is the 3rd in a series about a Texan branch. Its not necessary to read the others first, but I would recommend it just for the history it contains.

Austin McKettrick is back home after a bull puts him out of the rodeo for good. Not only is he recuperating from that but soon he has a gunshot to contend with as well. Paige Remington decides to nurse him back to health despite their spark filled history but it ends up like throwing fire and gasoline together. But they can't deny they are attracted, and is that enough to overcome the hurt from the past?

To me, Paige and Austin aren't really that likable. All they do is snipe at each other during the book and this gets tiring after awhile. Yeah, I get it, they have a past and have trouble getting along, let's move along to the next plot point. The other characters really don't have a big role so we're left with these two as they play the love/hate game.

For a plot there were quite a few things going on in this edition, just like the others, but some of them were quite dull. And after awhile people getting hurt began to get old. It seemed like every few pages there was a new injury happening. I almost feel like Miller didn't have a lot of ideas for this book and just kept rehashing things in new ways. This is a romance so there is descriptive sex in the book. There is also minor cussing. Anyone who doesn't like these things, shouldn't read the book. That being said, Miller's writing style is nice and flowing so the story does move at a good pace.

I'll keep reading Miller's books as I do like the premise behind all of them. After all, what's not to like about cowboys and love stories?

McKettricks of Texas: Austin
Copyright 2010
378 pages

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