October 08, 2011

The Goodbye Quilt by Susan Wiggs

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This was a charming little story, more about feelings than quilting I would say, but nice all the same. It definitely wasn't what I was expecting anyway.

Linda is about to see her only child and daughter off to college. She is full of apprehension as they prepare for the mother-daughter road trip across the country to the college. While they journey and reminisce about Molly's childhood and her travails of being a stay at home mom, Linda works on a quilt of memories as well. Linda wants the best for her daughter, but she also fears for letting her go out on her own and make her own decisions. Meanwhile she puts her tears, blood, and sorrows into the quilt.

Linda is a very whiny character. Its to be expected probably since her daughter is leaving for college and she's understandably sad. But I think she maybe carries it a little too far into the dramatic. Her daughter is not as outstanding in the novel, but she's real. I found her to be a bit none to bright, but young love will do that to a person as well. There aren't really any majorly other outstanding characters as its mostly the two of them.

For a plot this one was kind of slow going. It was more about Linda's journey into an empty nest and her daughter's journey growing up and going away from her parents and boyfriend. Its a good emotional read but anyone looking for action is not going to find it here. There's nothing offensive in the novel either and it would be appropriate for anyone. It was just the right length as well, too much longer and it probably would have gotten tiring and boring.

Not a bad book, but I would have liked to see more about quilting in it. It is a nice emotional read for anyone looking for that sort of thing.

The Goodbye Quilt
Copyright 2011
250 pages + quilt pattern

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