October 08, 2011

Julie & Julia by Julie Powell

I had seen the movie, so I knew I had to read the book. And I'm a big fan of anything that involves food. So it was a win-win situation for me. I actually enjoyed the book, it may have lacked some of the charm of the movie, but it was still pretty good.

Julie Powell is a secretary who doesn't see her life going anywhere fast. Sure she has a supportive husband, but really, what is she doing? On a whim she mentions to her husband that she should cook through Julia Child's The Art of French Cooking in a year. He tells her she should blog about it. And she does start to do that while she cooks over 500 recipes (not all of them very easy) in a year. Its an impossible task. But its a goal she has set for herself and her devoted readers on her blog. Mixed in with this story are little parts that she borrowed from letters of Paul Child and used to make a story about Julia and Paul Child for some background information.

Since these are real people, not characters, it is hard to describe them. Julie is kind of bratty and for a food book, very focused on her biological clock. But I guess this book is about her so she can say whatever she wants to, I just would have preferred she stick to the food. Her husband doesn't actually get a very large role in it and I think even her brother has more description than him. As characters, I wasn't that interested in them. It was also a bit weird that in a book you would think was about food, the whole first chapter was devoted to her visiting the gynecologist.

The writing is filled with cuss words and comparisons to sex. Those offended shouldn't tread here. I would also give a warning to Republicans, Julie isn't a big fan of you. Neither of these things effected me so I liked the book. She gives some good detail on the food and the descriptions of when something does go right are marvelous. There are a couple parts that are boring and some description are kind of icky and weren't pleasing when you like a yummy book of food. It did inspire me to want to go out and get the cookbook by Julia Child. Not that I'll ever use it, but at least I'll be able to see it for myself.

I will also probably read her blog at some point. It sounds interesting. This is definitely a good book for foodie's and fans of Julia Child.

Julie & Julia
Copyright 2005
359 pages

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