October 08, 2011

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

I saw the movie first on this particular tale. I liked the movie, and I do like the book, although it can be exasperating at times. There is a lot of adventure, and some romance, and some humour. It is definitely interesting.

Westley is a farm boy in love. His affection is for Buttercup, a beautiful tomboy that he does everything for according to her wish. But when he leaves and is later found to be killed seeking his fortune, Buttercup's world ends. She agrees to marry Prince Humperdink and becomes the most beautiful in the land. Not all is safe though, as she is kidnapped. But then, a mysterious man in black rescues her using his brains, muscles, and sword. But all he wants is to do everything "as you wish." Now with love filling her heart, they must find a way to defeat Prince Humperdink or true love will be lost.

Buttercup is a weak character and she needs to have more of a backbone. Westley is better and of course about perfect, which is what makes the story interesting. The other characters all have their own purposes and really add to the book as well. Without them, it would be a simple tale with not much action, and that's not interesting at all.

The writing is interesting. I really thought it was an abridgment at first but quickly learned. However this method of writing can defeat itself as some of the author's notes are boring and others alluded to things cut out that I would really like to have read. Alas, those things were never written so it won't happen. The story parts were good and there was a lot to read that was interesting. However, I just wish there was more story and less author notes. I also read the first chapter of Buttercup's Baby included in the book (another playful notion by the author, I don't believe it is an actual book) and thought it worthless. Honestly it just seemed like something tacked on and not that interesting anyway. I wish I hadn't have read it.

It is an interesting book and it was nice to read the story that goes with the movie. I found it entertaining and think that it does make a good bed time story, for any age.

The Princess Bride
Copyright 1973
398 pages

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