October 08, 2011

The Secret by Beverly Lewis

I like Amish books. And I like the ones that Beverly Lewis has written (with the exception of a few). But this one, it was just average for me. It had a good plotline, but there were some things I just didn't like.

Grace Byler is a young Amish woman whose family is your typical Amish family. Or at least so she thought. Her mother has been acting strangely lately, her father is as quiet and stern as ever, and she is too busy being courted to really be concerned. But then, her mother goes missing in the middle of the night and the family is turned upside down. Grace sets out to try to figure out where her mother is gone, but everyone seems pretty close-lipped about it. Meanwhile, in a shorter side story, Heather is a young modern woman who has just found out she has cancer. With her mother having died from cancer a little over a year previously, she is scared and turns down the thought of modern medicine. Instead, she packs up for the summer and decides to live the simple life with the Amish and try to recover naturally.

I liked Heather the best of all the characters. Maybe its because I could connect better with her being modern. She had the most interesting story as well. Grace was nice, but a little too perfect. Of course she made up for her flighty mother and her stern seemingly unloving father. The other characters were good, and had distinct personalities.

The writing was nice. Obviously suspenseful as it was somewhat a mystery type of book. But it didn't feel complete. I know its part of a series (although I'm not sure what the next book is) but it didn't have any resolution what so ever. Honestly, this kind of annoyed me as there is no way you could read just this book if you want to know anything that's going to happen. She cut it off in a bad stopping point too which just furthered this feeling. Stepping aside from that, this book does have religious overtones because it is a book about the Amish. It is not very preachy though and more serves to show how the Amish live their lives.

I'll probably read the next one just because I want to find out what happens. It is certainly an interesting story and probably well worth finishing.

The Secret
Copyright 2009
362 pages

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