October 08, 2011

Greenwitch by Susan Cooper

This is the third installment of the Dark is Rising series. It should not be read as a standalone and I highly recommend reading the first two books ahead of this one for all the background information on the characters that they contain. It is vitaly important to read this book for the rest of the series though as there is a lot of information contained within. If you continue with this review, please be warned that there are spoilers for the previous books ahead.

From the first book we know that the Drew children had found the holy grail despite the forces of dark trying to get it first. That cup has now gone missing from the library and Merriman Lyon, the mysterious figure in both the Drew children's lives and Will Stanton's (last of the old ones from the 2nd book), believes that it is being taken back to where it was found. With both the children and Will along, they return there to try to find it. But they return at a unique time of the year. The festivities of the Greenwitch are being held and Jane Drew is allowed to come watch her making. She is a sad figure made of plants and is released into the sea with the wishes of the townsfolk every year. But in fact she is very powerful, more than most humans will know. The dark wants this power and the children, Merriman and the rest of the light will have to defeat them to get it.

The characters were a bit rushed in this book. Will, who I normally love, just didn't seem like his normal self and took too much of a backseat in this story. The Drew children were bratty, except for Jane. Merriman, who is a mysterious figure, should probably have just a bit more detail shown for him to keep him compelling. I do like that they brought the dog back for this book as I thought he was a neat character.

The plot drags a bit and while it has the potential to be very exciting, it is kind of lackluster. That's not to say this isn't a good book. It is still very well done, just not as good as the first two. Since it is a children's series it can be simplistic at times, but there is nothing offensive within the book. It does have its scary moments, but they aren't too bad and all but the meekest should be able to handle them.

While its not my favorite of the series it still does provide a good amount of important information. I definitely recommend reading it as a part of the series.

Copyright 1974
131 pages

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