October 08, 2011

State of the Onion by Julie Hyzy

I love all the books that involve food that are coming out. Two things I really enjoy combined together, can't beat that. This one even has a bit of mystery to it. It wasn't the best book out there, but it was still pretty enjoyable.

Ollie (Olivia Paras) is a chef at the white house who is a big contender for becoming head chef, when the current head chef Henry retires. After returning to the White House from an errand, she inadvertently stops a man who is trying to break in. Little does she know that this cycle of events will spiral into much more when she becomes the target of a famous assassin as a result. Between trying to protect her life and contend for the head chef position, she has a lot going on and there are several factors against her.

The characters were so-so in this book. They weren't developed fully and only had a few attributes given to them to make them differ from each other. You had your mean guy, your disillusioned guy, your funny girl, etc. Luckily the assassin was fairly menacing and the Sensitivity director a real jerk so at least that had some interest.

The plot was interesting although a little implausible. I really don't see things playing out in real life like they did, but hey its a book. I liked that Hyzy incorporated a good deal about food in here. So often books that have a food theme barely mention food and then I get disappointed. So this was nice. I also was a big fan of the mystery since I wasn't able to figure it out ahead of time. Hyzy did a good job on that and it kept it interesting. I thought the ending was a little abrupt and didn't tie up some loose ends. Since its a series hopefully these questions will be answered later, but I would have liked some of it to be in this book.

This was a nice book. Since its the first in the series I'll probably keep reading. There are some details I want to know still.

State of the Onion
Copyright 2008
305 pages + recipes

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