October 05, 2011

The Confession by Beverly Lewis

I greatly enjoyed the first of this series "The Shunning" by Beverly Lewis. However, this one failed to grab me. It seemed like it was a very rushed novel, yet, despite this, not much was done in it.

It takes off where the last book left it, Katie (now known as Katherine) is staying with some Mennonite relatives and is searching for her birth mother. She finds what she thinks is her mother only to encounter a rough time with her husband, Dylan Bennet who is waiting for his wife to die so he can inherit her wealth.

Katherine leaves her relatives and goes to her mother's house, only to find that another Katie Lapp has appeared there and has been welcomed as her mothers daughter. While she was debating going, Dylan had hired an actress to fool his wife by thinking the girl was her heir.

Katherine, unsure of what to do, takes a position as a maid at the household and hopes to get close to her mother. Being that her mother plans on announcing the inheritance at Christmas, the next day, time seems to run short for her. Especially when Dylan finds out who she really is.

It sounded like a promising sequel when I read the summary of it. However, the reality wasn't as promising. Lewis hurries the story along but its so boring and inconceivable (who would let a deception like that take place knowingly?) that I didn't have much patience with it and was glad it didn't take long to read.

While Lewis' writing is always pleasant and authentic, it just didn't make up for the story line.

The Confession
Copyright 2008
288 pages

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