October 06, 2011

Country Living Country Decorating by Bo Niles

What an inspiration! Filled with gorgeous pictures and great advice, this book is sure to please. It ranges from primitive, to Americana, to rustic style decorating.

The majority of the book is dedicated to different rooms of the house. These include kitchens, bedrooms, kid's rooms, porches, etc. Each section had a variety of types such as romantic or country. Each also had many pictures and while there was a part of description, there was also tiny blurbs about the pictures as well which made it handy for identifying different crafts and ideas.

The next smaller section was on crafts. It had information on painting, stenciling, and other assorted crafts. It also had a nice section on restoring quilts. There were also some cross-stitching patterns and ideas for rugs.

Overall the chapter listing is as follows:

Country Living Rooms, Country Dining rooms, Country Kitchens, Entrances, The Country Bedroom, The Outdoors, and Creating the Country Look. Each of these have sub chapters that go into more detail about the types of places. At the end there is also a Country Sourcebook, Index, and Picture Credits.

The pictures were absolutely gorgeous. I saw many things that I'd like to do one day when I have a home of my own. Stenciling especially seemed like a very unique way to decorate a home. I also learned about a craft I'd never heard of, penny rugs. They are very beautiful and look easy enough to make.

A wonderful book for anyone who likes the country look! While maybe not something for someone with modern tastes or other styles, it fills this area of decorating very well.

Country Living Country Decorating
Copyright 1988
254 pages

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