October 08, 2011

When Darkness Falls by Mercedes Lackey

This is the third book in the Obsidian Trilogy. One should note that the first two books should be read before this one or the story will not be understood at all. The important thing to know about this series though is that Kellen has been banished from the High Mage city of Armethalieh and in doing so, finds his lost sister, goes to the elven lands, and becomes a Knight Mage. As a Knight Mage, he must save everyone from the Endarkened (demons).

In this book, it takes off shortly where To Light a Candle left. Kellen is slowly developing power within the Elven army and during the hard winter he must fight demon minions, find the last enclave of the shadowed elves, and help his friends. Cilarnen the high mage who was also banished discovers how to use High Magic outside the city and must use it to his advantage as the only representative as such city. The rest are being deceived by the Endarkened. With this, the plague, and tons of refugees flooding the area things are certainly busy. But most of all, they are all preparing for the final battle that is sure to come, and bring with it either pain or glory.

The characters in this book are developed better than they were in the last. Cilarnen is interesting instead of annoying and really adds to the story. Kellen stops berating himself and is an enjoyable character. The rest are as wonderful as ever.

The writing, having been done by two authors, flows nicely without breaks and they take a break from unnecessary description in this book. There is still violence which may not be good for younger readers. The authors do make a flaw though, they use the same plot device repeatedly during the book. After awhile, hearing that a character is about to do something that should kill them, and then it doesn't, gets unbelievable. Maybe if they had only used it once or twice during the series it would have been ok, but they use it more than they should have.

This is a great series and very entertaining. I look forward to reading more from the authors as a pair.

When Darkness Falls
Copyright 2006
602 pages

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