October 07, 2011

Turn Coat by Jim Butcher

Another exciting adventure in the world of Dresden. The series has grown from something I merely thought was so-so to a great fantasy read. I'm not going to recap the previous novels as there are way too many books to cover. They should be read in order, but really the most important thing is that Harry Dresden is a wizard living in Chicago.

When Warden Morgan shows up on Harry's doorstep he isn't sure what to think. The guy has been after Harry a long time thinking he was up to no good, and now he needs Harry's help. He's been framed for a murder and now the entire White Council is out to capture and kill him. Harry takes him under his protection and starts sleuthing to find the real killer. This will lead him to the White Court of Vampires, the White Council itself, and a very dangerous skinwalker that is trying to kill him. The Wardens are closing in and the skinwalker is holding his brother for ransom, Harry's going to have to get very clever in order to get out of this mess.

Harry was great in this book. He's a lot grittier and believable and his personality really shines through in this book. He's more focused on his surroundings than himself and this helps pace the book well. Morgan was also interesting in this book. Before we'd just see him as the hard-faced Warden who hated Harry; now we get to see him as an actual person with feelings and motivations and this greatly improved his character. The other characters had roles but they were very minor compared to Harry's and Morgan's in this novel. They all helped the story flow cohesively though.

Butcher has a very descriptive writing style. It helps the reader's become immersed in Butcher's Chicago. Since its full of magic and certain details, Butcher has to keep it together and consistent and he does do this well. I haven't found anything yet that seemed out of place. The plotline in this book was exciting and he entered some new elements into it that will help pull the story along in the next books. I did notice in this book that the language got a bit darker and dirtier. Not a bad thing, but something to take notice of.

Great addition to the series. I greatly look forward to the next which I hear is super exciting. My hope is they just keep getting better and better.

Turn Coat
Copyright 2009
545 pages

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