October 06, 2011

Dawn on a Distant Shore by Sara Donati

I wasn't as taken with this book as I was the first one. While it promised to have a lot of action; kidnappings, rescues, etc., it was actually kind of boring. As a recap (and possible spoiler) the first book covered Elizabeth, a teacher who came to America and fell in love with outdoors man Nathaniel Bonner. Together they secretly elope so they can restore a piece of land to its rightful owners.

We are first taken to Canada where Nathaniel has gone to rescue his father and a Native American friend of his, Otter. Unfortunately he is unsuccessful and ends up locked up with them. They manage to escape, with Elizabeth on the way to help them, but then her newborn twins are kidnapped from them by a devious servant of a relative in Scotland. This uncle wants them to come there so they can claim inheritance and he can keep the land out of the hands of his enemies. They have to enlist the aid of a pirate ship to get their babies back and then deal with all the deviousness of the Carryck relative and try to get back home.

The majority of this book was spent on the boat. And honestly, while there are some things that happen on the boat, it certainly didn't warrant as much space in the book as it did. Overly lengthy descriptions actually seemed to take away from the book.

Usually Donati is pleasant to read but it this book since they are headed to Scotland, there was a lot of Scottish dialogue. Normally this would intrigue me but I don't speak Scots and it made the story very hard to follow. I feel like I lost a good bit of the plot that was told through stories from Scottish speakers and I felt a bit lost as a result. I admire her attempt to be linguistically correct but it would have been extremely helpful to include a dictionary if she was going to be that authentic. The rest of the writing, however, was in an enjoyable style and easy to understand. The book was told in the third person.

Overall the book wasn't bad, but it wasn't near as good as the first. I'll keep reading to find out what happens but I hope the next book is more interesting.

Dawn on a Distant Shore
Copyright 200
463 pages

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