October 06, 2011

Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs

Originally I thought this book was going to be a sequel to the Friday Night Knitting Club novels; mainly because the main character's daughter liked cooking. However, I should have read a little better. That is not the case, this is actually a stand alone novel. And once I got past that, it was pretty good.

Gus is a famous tv chef with two grown daughters. When she finds out that her show may be canceled she is desperate to stay on air. In a plan that goes awry, she ends up co-hosting a new show with Carmen, a model turned actress who appears to only be in it for herself with no cooperation. Also thrown into the mix are a series of odd friends and family of Gus's to be featured on her live show. Its moments of hilarity and tension between the two main cooks for the most part, but there are hints of love between the actors and even some appreciation.

Just as they are getting settled though, Gus gets even more bad news and has to find some way to keep the show running. But with Carmen's attitude, her daughter's emotions, and a hectic show, its hard to tell if she will be able to keep everything afloat.

I liked most of the characters in this novel. All that is except Carmen, I realize she was important to the book's plot and that she was supposed to be showing two different sides to the reader, but I still couldn't stand her. The other characters were mostly good, a few could have been fleshed out better but being that there was so many I could understand when they weren't.

Jacobs writing is always easy to read, although I noticed that in the first few chapters of this novel she gets a bit overzealous with description. However, her writing is unoffensive and she cools a bit on the detail in most of the book. This novel is written in the 3rd person.

Overall it was a decent read. I enjoy Jacob's work and look forward to reading more from her.

Comfort Food
Copyright 2008
325 pages

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