October 08, 2011

City of Night by Dean Koontz

I was slightly disappointed in this 2nd book of Dean Koontz's Frankenstein series. Written with Ed Gorman, Koontz just doesn't make this one as intriguing as the first. As a recap (and possible spoiler for the first book) we are introduced to Deucalion in the first book as he journeys from a Tibetan monastery to New Orleans after learning that his creator is still alive. When he arrives, it is to a city full of Victor's creations and a serial killer who is saving people's body parts. Cops, Michael and Carson are on the job though, and after meeting Deucalion, realize there's more than meets the eye.

This book takes place almost immediately after the first. Randall 6, one of Victor's creations, has escaped the laboratory and traveled to Carson's house to find out the secret of happiness that he believes Carson's autistic brother knows. We are also introduced to some of Victor's assassins who are after the cops to silence what they know. And to make matters even worse, some of Victor's creations are having trouble with their programming and causing harm to themselves and others.

The characters in this aren't really developed much more than the first book. We are introduced to the newest clone wife of Victor's, Ericka 5 and she has quite a bit of detail. But really aside from her there's not much to go on at all. I also didn't see as much of Deucalion in this book as I would have wished.

The writing was clear and concise but just lacked the exciting feel that the first book had. It felt as if this book was merely just recapping and setting the story up for the next book without having too much going for it itself. It also still made lots of references to pop-culture (which I don't like). I also felt that the book was rushed as it really only takes place in one day for the majority of the writing. There is some violence and gore so it may not be appropriate for younger readers.

I'll still continue on with the series but I hope they go back to being as good as the first book. If they continue like this one, well, that just doesn't hold much interest for me.

City of Night
Copyright 2005
455 pages

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