October 05, 2011

Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex by Mary Roach

Having already ready Ms. Roach's Spook and hearing good things about her "Stiff" I eagerly started reading "Bonk." Wow. Was this ever a graphic book, and as a warning, to describe it properly this review will be graphic as well. Turn away now if the subject of sex and sexuality makes you uncomfortable.

Bonk is Mary Roach's collection of research into sex research and experiments. While it is based on scientific aspects and studies, Ms. Roach adds her own brand of humor and makes this a little more graphic than your average scientific study. I'll try to make this review as non-graphic as possible.

The first chapter, The Sausage, The Porcupine, and the Agreeable Mrs. G delves into the early research pioneers of sexual study. It gives a brief overview of some scientists who chose to run experiments even though it was taboo at the time they were doing it.

Next, Dating the Penis-Camera, covers the lengths these researchers went to film the actual act itself and the parts involved in the act while doing the deed.

The Princess and Her Pea cover experiments involving the women's pleasure area (spellcheck won't allow the actual word through). Most notable, was the moving of one to another part of the body. Next, The Upsuck Chronicles was about fertility and sexuality's effects on it.

What's Going On in There, showed the world of Coital imaging using such techniques as sonogram and others. The Taiwanese Fix and the Penile Pricking Ring covered impotence.

The Testicle Pushers covered just that. Re-Member Me dealt with transplants and implants. The Lady's Boner was a chapter that compared the organs of both male and female.

The Prescription-Strength Vibrator is self explanatory and the Immaculate Orgasm covered those people who are able to achieve one without physical contact. Mind Over Vagina got into the psychological aspects of sexuality.

What Would Allah Say covered the career of Ahmed Shafile, a sex researcher located in the modest Middle East. Monkey Do covered hormones and lastly Persons Studied in Paris covered the much anticipated chapter of "The Lab that Uncovered Great Sex."

While some of these chapters sound like they would be pure smut, they actually all involve research and studies into the different areas of sexuality. It is just Roach's personal touch and writing style that makes it less than scientific.

Roach has a great writing style; funny in all the right areas and still full of good research and information. She has no qualms about diving into uncomfortable topics however, and even shares some of her participation into these experiments. As said before, this book is not for the easily squeamish.

Copyright 2008
306 pages

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