March 02, 2012

The Soldier's Holiday Vow by Jillian Hart

What a sweet little book. Definitely one of the kinder romances that I've read in awhile.

When she falls down an old mine shaft with one of her students, September knows that they will be rescued. But she still worries. And then her worry increases when she's rescued by none other than Mark Hawkins. Mark was a friend of her late fiance and brings back several painful memories for her. But slowly he inches his way into her heart as she recovers, despite her determination not to let anyone close again. She never wants to hurt that much again. Mark too isn't sure what he wants, his life as an army ranger is dangerous, and he's not sure if he would be a good match for someone as a result. But there's something too kind in September for him to resist.

September is a very sweet person. And she has a lot of grief. Its painful to see some of her emotions sometimes as they feel very real. And Mark honestly is too sweet and good to be real. But I think I like him anyway. Romance novels aren't always realistic in that sense, but a girl can dream there's a guy out there like that. He just seems like he'd be cute in that boy next door way and would treat a girl right. September's sister is the only one I really didn't like. I know she was trying to be protective or something, but she was just a little too harsh.

I really enjoyed the plot. It didn't even need the rescue in the beginning. An old army buddy helping out a grieving girlfriend seems just right. Like something the deceased would have wanted for his friends. Now this was a Love Inspired but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't preachy at all. And I appreciated that. Made it an easier read for me and I could really sink in and enjoy it. I do wish it had been longer though. And since its Love Inspired, there are no graphic scenes in this book, just kissing. So if you were worried about that, rest assured, no vicarious passion to be found here.

A very nice little romance. I would definitely read something by Jillian Hart again.

The Soldier's Holiday Vow
Copyright 2009
214 pages

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