March 20, 2012

Burning Ambition by Amy Knupp

Mmmm, firefighters. Ok, now that I've had that moment, this book was about firefighters. But not all manly men firefighters, the main character, is of course, a woman. And it was an ok romance, but it needed some more follow through on some of its plot lines.

Faith is used to having to prove herself. As a woman firefighter, things are just not in her favor in a male dominated job. And she wants no special favors, especially since she has the chief as a father and has to live up to that expectation too. The Captain of her squad makes things difficult too. For one he's incredibly handsome, and attracted to her too, but that's not what she needs when she's trying to prove herself to the rest. For Joe Mendoza, being captain is a tough job, but he's aiming at a promotion, and falling for Faith isn't exactly the quickest way to earn that promotion.

Faith is a decent character. She's a strong woman, wants to do what's right by her family, and just as passionate about things in her personal life as she is about her work. But I was so disappointed with the follow through for her character. It starts out with her trying to prove herself in a male dominated position, and then that quickly goes away as the romance takes over. It made her seem not as real to me as a result. Joe too was a little disappointing. He wants things so badly, but I never really understood why he wanted Faith. Sure she was cute, but what were the other reasons? He only knew her in a business setting so those qualities there aren't necessarily the ones that she would have in her personal relationships.

But I'm done ranting about the characters. The plot was actually decent. Firefighters have exciting jobs so reading about them can be exciting too. We even got to travel along to a few fires through the book and while I don't know if the scenes were accurate as I've never been a firefighter, they seemed authentic enough. The romance was ok, the sexy scenes were pretty steamy, but the rest of it was kind of stilted, which is probably a result of the odd chemistry the two had. I just wish the author had stuck to some of the plotlines instead of adding more in throughout the book. It would have made it seem better developed.

Ok, if you like firefighters it'll probably be up your alley. Otherwise, it was your average romance.

Burning Ambition
Copyright 2011
281 pages

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