March 07, 2012

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

**Warning, this review could contain spoilers**

Ok, so I have to admit I've become fully blown obsessed about this series. I even want a little Mockingjay pin that I would actually wear and show my geeky side with. That being said, I'll never rate this book five stars despite my obsession because of some of its errors. But in the end, I can't wait to read the 3rd book (although I suspect that's more because of the first book than this one) so I can't rate this one too poorly.

Catching Fire is the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy. Do not try to read this book as a stand-alone. You will be completely lost. These are the kind of books that should be read in order. And you won't regret reading the first one anyway, so if you haven't read it yet, go start there.

After winning the games with Peeta, the first joint winners ever, Katniss returns home to District 12. There she tries to get back to her life, but nothing is the same. And when the six month tour of the districs comes around, as a winner of the Hunger Games she is compelled to go and put on the show that she and Peeta are madly in love, even though she's not sure what her feeling are. And worse yet, the President of the Capital, knows its just a ruse, and he suspects that others think the same when signs of rebellion start appearing all over the districts. Eager to stop the rebellion in its tracks, he makes some not so veiled threats to Katniss, and she finds that she is not as safe as she thought she was.

Katniss has never really been a likable character. And that's actually ok. Its kind of refreshing to have a main character who isn't likable. Peeta on the other hand, is just as charming as ever. I would have really liked to see more character development for everyone else though. There are so many important people in Katniss' life that it seems a shame they are never really fully explored. Although her clothing designer does get some great moments in this book.

My biggest complaint about this book would be the pacing. I understand its a middle book, but really, it is just mainly filler. Instead of taking an in-depth look at the different colonies they tour, more time is spent on Katniss' wardrobe. And I just don't understand that. Same with the action at the end, it didn't take long at all and by all accounts it should have been the largest part of the book. But it was just too rushed. I did like that we got a little bit of what was happening after the games filled in though. It would have been nice to see them but at least Collins kept us in the loop. I'm also not a fan of Collins use of the first person, I think this story would gain so much more by being in the 3rd person. We'd get more background on the world and things that aren't as important to Katniss but are important to a reader.

It was good to get more background but after Hunger Games I expected much much more from this book. I am still very eager to read the 3rd book though!

Catching Fire
Copyright 2009
391 pages

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