March 15, 2012

Family Be Mine by Tracy Kelleher

Well this was an interesting take on a romance novel. Not so perfect heroes and heroines actually worked out pretty well. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

After finding out on the day of her wedding that her fiance is gay, Sarah definitely isn't having the best of days. Add to that that she's pregnant and she's not really sure where her life is going to turn at this point. But she has good friends and family and they're always there for her, even if it means sending her to a swim therapy class. There she meets Hunt, a rich man recovering from cancer and chemo. They like each other, even if it means making fun and when it turns out Hunt's business partner is married to her friend, they start spending more time together. So much time that she moves in with him as her pregnancy progresses since she needs some help with mobility. And from there, something more sparks for them that they both find unexpected.

Sarah is a very sweet person. But she can be pretty sassy too. And her being pregnant just adds a whole new element to the story. The hormones and all... Hunt was a little too perfect, he didn't seem real at times. And to be honest, I didn't really understand the attraction between the two. Sure they were both nice people, but they didn't have anything in common with each other. And the dog, of all the ways to try to liven up a book, I really wish authors wouldn't use dogs as comedic relief as it just seems too contrived.

Like I said before, I found the mix of somewhat weak characters refreshing. It was nice to know that they had some flaws and that they were almost like real people. They even had trouble training that dog. The romance was pretty light, a mild sex scene (with a pregnant woman, that was weird) and some kissing and that was about it. And the story moved at a good pace. A little fast, but then again most romances are that way. They must have some kind of word allotment that they can't go past. Or at least the ones I've experienced seem shorter than your average fiction book.

Pretty decent read. A good romance for a rainy day I'd say.

Family Be Mine
Copyright 2010
249 pages

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