March 04, 2012

Cop On Loan by Jeannie Watt

This was pretty standard fare for a romance novel. Strong hero, feisty yet vulnerable heroine, and a plot that keeps you guessing. So it wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but it was still a decent read.

Tony is in town on temporary assignment, he's filling in for a cop that is out in the precinct. So when his life gets more complicated with the introduction to Jasmine Storm, he is less than happy. But when she thinks someone is breaking into her home, it gives him a good enough reason to offer to rent her basement. He's about to get kicked out of his other place because of his dog, and he feels the need to protect her. But her boyfriend isn't too happy about it either, and he's the least of Tony's worries. He can't get attached to this girl, he's got to go back to Seattle and undercover at some point, but there's something in him that wants more than his usual solitary life.

I wasn't a big fan of Jasmine. She's vulnerable one minute, strong the rest, and it just doesn't mesh well. Combine that with her list making and she was just a little strange. Although she did have a cool cat. Tony was a little better. He had a sense of humor and plenty of flaws, and he was willing to recognize those flaws. I'm still not sure why he is so attracted to Jasmine, must be from living in close parameters with her. The other characters in the book weren't really given that much time so they weren't really developed at all.

The whole cop going to live with a girl who may or may not be being house invaded actually wasn't that interesting of a plot for me. Maybe if there had been more instances of real danger, instead of just small things, it might have shown more of a thrill. But more time is dedicated to her dates with her boyfriend than actual danger. Still, it was an interesting read and the characters interacted well. There were a few steamy scenes but nothing too extreme. Definitely not as risque as some others books that I have read. And it didn't move too fast, it had a fairly steady pace.

Not too bad. Good for those who like the romance genre. A pretty solid 3.5 I'd say.

Cop On Loan
Copyright 2008
307 pages

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