March 24, 2012

Familiar Lullaby by Caroline Burnes

Apparently this book is one of a series. But I didn't know that before reading, and guess what? It didn't matter, this did just fine as a stand-alone. And it was cute, although the romance wasn't the greatest.

Familiar has a pretty busy life for a cat. When he's not investigating crimes, he's pursuing his ladylove Calico Clotilde who sometimes accompanies him on his escapades. He has his work cut out for him this time though. A baby has been left on Clotilde's people's doorstep and the mother is nowhere to be found. But reporter Lily knows more than she's telling, and cop Mel is determined to find out what's going on. But his preconceived notions may make things harder on them all. And Lily is determined not to trust him.

The cats are probably the greatest characters in this book. They have a lot of personality and are probably the smartest out of the bunch. Lily is pretty good too. She's against abuse and willing to do something about it, and that's incredibly admirable to me. But she also is pretty illogical at times too when it comes to Mel. In fact, their whole relationship is just plain strange. They are practically strangers, then BAM! All of a sudden they are in love and I felt like I missed entire chapters of the book. And Mel's not even that great of a leading man. He isn't a very nice person in my opinion.

I loved how the cats helped with the investigation in this book. It added some levity. Because it really did go over some hard topics. And the knowledge of abuse was uncanny. I wouldn't hesitate to say that the author has had experience with abuse in some form. Because she said exactly how it felt and the thoughts that run through your head when it happens and why it is so hard to leave. So there's some valuable lessons in this romance novel. Although I hesitate to call it a romance, because really the romance was not a very good part of the book. It just wasn't believable at all. But the rest of the plot was exciting, and the intrigue was good.

I would definitely read another of this series. Mainly because I like the cats so much. They made a normal romance into something a little more.

Familiar Lullaby
Copyright 2001
249 pages

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