March 25, 2012

Child of Grace by Irene Hannon

I had a hard time sinking into this romance. It just didn't pull you in, and while it had a compelling story, it just wasn't catching for me for some reason.

Kelsey moved to a small Michigan town to run away from some troubles. Or rather not run but she had to alter her life after a traumatic experience. But it can't completely leave her, because the experience let her pregnant and confused about what's going to happen in her life. And when army doctor Luke moves in next door she isn't sure whether to be scared of him, or attracted to him. And then she has to work with him on a charity case so they're thrown together pretty quickly.

I liked Kelsey. I thought she was strong and that her character acted appropriately for her experiences. But Luke I just didn't get. He seemed very two-dimentional and honestly didn't have some very good attributes to his character. If I were Kelsey, I certainly wouldn't have gone for him. But to each their own I guess. I actually liked the side characters. Luke's sister Hannah was pretty entertaining.

Kelsey has a lot to overcome, but for how exciting her past is, the book actually moves quite slow. And it gets kind of boring at times. I also thought the romance was only so-so. There just wasn't chemistry there. And since this was love-inspired it was a christian book. But it wasn't overt or preachy, so that wasn't too bad. I just think that this book could have used some time to develop the plot a little more, instead of rushing it, especially towards the end.

Ok, but I just wasn't thrilled with the characters. I think this could have had the potential to be a very very good book. But it just didn't spend the time it could have in developing itself.

Child of Grace
Copyright 2011
280 pages

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