March 26, 2012

The Sheriff of Sage Bend by Brenda Mott

Blah, I seem to be going through a rash of average romances. Nothing with spark, nothing with sizzle. Just an average entertaining story that has a slightly different plot from the others. I'm guessing that's my clue to stick to another genre for awhile.

When her sister goes missing, the last person Miranda wants to work with is Sheriff Lucas. After all, he left her at the alter several years ago and she's never really gotten over it. But she misses her sister terribly and is very worried about her and its enough to put her back into close contact with Lucas. But there's a sizzle there and despite her worry about her sister Shannon, she feels drawn back to Lucas. And he feels the same way, but there's too much bad blood in his family and he worries that he carries it too. So to protect Miranda, he'll stay as far away from her as he can.

Why is it that romance heroines always seem to be slightly dumb? Shannon for instance, her decisions do not make any logical sense to me in this book. In fact they are the opposite of logical. Miranda is a little better but she can be way to headstrong sometimes. Headstrong to the point where her actions seem unbelievable actually. Lucas was about the same way. But at least he acted like his profession and generally followed normal people activities as he was out and about. All the other characters weren't really fleshed out so they didn't leave an impact on me in any way.

A kidnapping is a pretty exciting plot. Too bad the author had to take the story development to less interesting. But I don't want to give too much away so that's all I'm saying. The hunt for Shannon is a compelling reason to bring Miranda and Lucas together though, and that does help the romance. And the romance even got kind of steamy, which is a plus side when you're reading these types of novels. I just wish she had focused as much on everything else as she did the romance, it would have made this book spectacular.

Not a bad romance, but very much like several others you could read. There was nothing really to make this stand out from the crowd.

The Sheriff of Sage Bend
Copyright 2007
267 pages

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