March 12, 2012

The Baby Agenda by Janice Kay Johnson

I thought this romance was merely average. It might have had a good idea, but the characters were just lacking in it. There was no connect-ability there.

Moira has always struggled with her self image. So much so, that when she shows up to an event and sees her current boyfriend there with someone else, she ends up having a one night stand with a man who calls her beautiful. And that's all it can ever be, because little does she know, Will is going to Africa to build hospitals. And he's earned it after raising his three younger siblings. But then Moira discovers she's pregnant. She doesn't really want Will's help, but she knows she does at least have to let him know. And her plans are changed when she learns he won't just sit idly by while she has his baby.

There really wasn't any chemistry between Moira and Will. Moira is extremely needy and can be exasperating at times, well more than just times, she's pretty irritating throughout the book. She is supposed to be a strong career woman but she has a lack of self esteem that's astounding. Will is a little better, but he has some mixed emotions going on too. And I actually found him quite controlling. Definitely not someone I would ever consider being in a relationship due to his need to control Moira and look out for her "best interests." I did like Moira's best friend. He has a good head on his shoulders and was considerably nicer than everyone else in the book.

The whole having a baby after a one night stand has been done quite a bit. But I like how she sent the guy to Africa as a way to separate the two of them. The romance was very slow in this book though (well aside from the one night stand) and after awhile it was almost laughable at how nothing was really happening except for Lamaze classes. I just found it to be slower than normal. But it was a quick read, and those that are into the whole pregnancy baby theme will probably enjoy it. I just thought it could have used more to the plot than that.

Not great but not terrible. An average romance in a sea of romances.

The Baby Agenda
Copyright 2010
249 pages

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