March 01, 2012

Jenna's Cowboy Hero by Brenda Minton

I've read one of Minton's other books and enjoyed it. This one, not as much. It wasn't a horrible book, but it just didn't hold the charm that "The Cowboy's Family" did, even if it does take place in the same fictional town.

Adam isn't very happy when he has to go back to Oklahoma. But with his cousin's death, the camp he invested in either has to be sold or worked on to get it running. And he could use some shine to his name considering his previous football career included quite a bit of him losing his temper and making himself noticed. What he doesn't expect though, is to meet Jenna, when he returns to Oklahoma. But Jenna isn't really looking for anyone. She has two boys to raise and a missing leg from her time in Iraq and she knows that a relationship probably isn't going to happen for her. But she does want to be Adam's friend and get the camp running.

So little character development in this book. Backstories are hinted at but rarely go in depth as much as they should. We know a little about Jenna's time in Iraq but hardly anything about her childhood, which is the whole motivation for her wanting the camp so it should have been described. Adam we know a little more about his past but I just didn't feel he was connectable as a character. He tried to claim to be a bad boy, but he really wasn't from anything shown in the book. The two kids were kind of two dimensional. They more served as props.

The camp was a nice idea, but it ran kind of slow and there wasn't really any serious conflict in the book. Which made it read quick, but that's not always a good thing. Being that this was a Love Inspired Romance I expected religion to be in it, but unlike Minton's other one, this one was kind of preachy and it turned me off a bit. I can handle a little bit but I have trouble believing there are people out there that talk like the people in this book do about religion. Especially since all the characters in the town seem to do it. But as you may expect, since this is a Love Inspired, there are no risque scenes, so appropriate for almost all ages if you will.

I didn't really like it. Characters could have been better, plot had more conflict, and less preaching would have been great. I'll probably still read more of Minton's books though since I liked her other one.

Jenna's Cowboy Hero
Copyright 2009
211 pages

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