March 13, 2012

His Country Girl by Jillian Hart

Hmm, glad to be back amongst the decent romance novels again. Its amazing how you can get into a streak of bad ones. But anyways, I digress. This romance was pretty enjoyable. Sure it had a few flaws, but they weren't enough to spoil the book at all.

Sierra Baker is a nervous wreck. Her little boy is due for surgery and since he's all she has after her husband left both of them, she can't really contain what she feels. So she has mixed emotions when little Owen gets his miracle wish fulfilled in the form of Tucker Granger, a rodeo cowboy she grew up with. But Tucker turns out to be a surprise. He's excellent with Owen and she finds herself becoming very attached to him. But that's not what either of them want because Sierra doesn't want upheaval in her life and Tucker isn't the type to settle down. But there is an attraction there, regardless of what they want to feel.

I think Tucker was my favorite character in all of this. He seemed like a good down to earth guy who wasn't afraid to just be himself. And he had believable emotions and motivations. Sierra, I haven't quite decided on her yet. She was very very skittish. Which is somewhat understandable, but she changed her mind so easily on everything that she wasn't as believable as Tucker. Owen, the kid, was ok too. He bounced around the book in a cheerful haze for the most part and was genuinely kid-like.

The sick kid theme is actually one I haven't read before. I'm sure there are plenty of books out there that involve that theme, but since this was the first one I read it was unique. And I liked it. Although I think a little more drama could have been squeezed in. The romance was satisfactory. Since this is a Love Inspired it was kind of slow going and tame. But at least this one wasn't very preachy like some from that romance line can be. In fact it was very tolerable. And the romantic parts were pretty tame as well, maybe a few sneaky kisses. The ending was kind of rushed, but that was probably the most noticeable problem with the book, and still not a huge deal.

A nice smooth read with likable characters. This is a romance that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to fans of the genre.

His Country Girl
Copyright 2011
218 pages

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