March 02, 2012

A Cowboy's Redemption by Jeannie Watt

Yikes, this book just went a little too fast. And it could have been really exciting and interesting. Characters were decent, but not spectacular too.

Kira Jennings needs to make a business deal, especially if she wants to make it in the family business. Her brother Bryce, is her main competitor, and there's no love lost between the two. So when she heads into the country to talk to a property owner, Jason Ross, she knows its going to be tough. Jason and Bryce have a history and it resulted in Jason being sent to prison for awhile. Kira isn't sure what happened there, but she does realize that it is going to make this business transaction hard. Add in a fire and some underhanded dealings and things certainly stay exciting for the two.

I liked Jason. Even if he is considered a felon he's an all around good guy. A bit bitter perhaps, but that's understandable. And he has a love for animals which is nice. Kira didn't have much of a personality for me. Sure she wants to belong to her family and do her best, but that's really all the personality we get for her. It would have been nice for her to open up a little more. The brother, of course, was a jerk. He only served as the bad guy in the book, no other sides to him.

I'm not used to having a guy who's been in prison as a main character. It was an interesting twist. And the fact that he's running a ranch, while common in itself, makes it a little different as well. Add in a wealthy family trying to get something from him and yes, that part of the plot is pretty standard. But the felon thing, that's not. So a little twist, not huge, but interesting. As this is a romance, there are romance scenes. You have been warned if that's not your thing. Honestly the worse thing about this book is the pace. It just went way too fast in my opinion. Slow it down a bit and it might have been a little better.

Just an average romance. Nothing too special but not a terrible read. Good for a rainy day I suppose.

A Cowboy's Redemption
Copyright 2009
246 pages

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