March 12, 2012

Billionaire M.D. by Olivia Gates

Wow, I'm a bit amazed at how much I disliked this book. And I was so encouraged by the handsome man on the front cover and the synopsis of the back cover. But it was not what I expected at all.

When she wakes up, Cybele doesn't know where she is, who she is, or who the handsome man leaning over her is. But she knows she's attracted. Slowly her memory comes back in patches, she was married but her husband died in the accident that injured her. She's pregnant, but her husband was a paraplegic. And this handsome man taking care of her is a doctor and good friend of her husband's and maybe more. But she doesn't feel loss for her husband, only growing attraction for this man which confuses her even more and makes her think she's an awful person. She has a lot of recovering to do, and a lot of memories to regain before she can figure out what's going on with her life.

I'm not sure I understand Cybele. For someone who lost her memory she doesn't really fight that hard to get it back. Maybe she doesn't want to know, but I wouldn't just take everything a handsome stranger says to be the truth either. Especially since she's supposed to be a pretty intelligent person. Rodrigo I can't stand at all. He's controlling, egotistical, and treats Cybele terribly in my eyes. Even if he was the most handsome man on earth it wouldn't make up for his personality. Since we are only really treated to these two characters for the majority of the novel, there aren't any standout characters to take a break with as well. We're stuck with these two unlikable people. And I never really did figure out how he's a billionaire as advertised by the cover.

The plot was so far out there at points that I just couldn't believe some of the things. I don't want to spoil anything but all the conflicts are resolved so easily and in such bizarre ways that I almost laughed out loud in incredulity at some of the pages. Their problems all had such easy solutions (and convenient) that it was just unbelievable. But hey, at least the sex scenes were hot, that's something I guess. I just couldn't get past the whole plot being unbelievable and the main character being so controlling and secretive. Set off my warning bells.

Obviously I didn't enjoy it. There were just so many wrong paths to take and the author took them. I would not recommend this romance at all. I've read good romances, but this just didn't qualify for me. Hopefully the author's other works are better.

Billionaire M.D.
Copyright 2010
182 pages


  1. I hate it when I pick up a book and it's not what I expect. I had a run of books like that at the end of 2011, but seem to be doing better this year. I hope the next read is enjoyable for you.

  2. Hey thanks, I'm bound to run into a few good ones hopefully as many as I read. But you're right, its so disappointing to expect one thing and get another. Hope you've had some good reads too.