February 28, 2012

Their Little Princess by Susan Mallery

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this book. I'm not really even a kid person and I liked it. Which considering its a romance that revolves around a kid that's saying something.

When Tanner learns that he has a child, it doesn't come as a surprise per say. He'd already agreed with the mother that they were going to give the baby up for adoption. But when he goes to look at his newborn daughter he realizes that he can't give her up. So while the mother jet-sets to California, he becomes a single father. And doctor Kelly Hall goes from not liking this father to be to really admiring him. Enough that she offers to help him buy baby stuff and help out the first couple of weeks to get him adjusted to the infant. What she doesn't expect is to fall for him though, especially when she has so many things in her past that she has to overcome too.

Tanner is a great guy. He has flaws, but isn't afraid to jump headfirst into anything. And he's pretty awesome for wanting to raise his daughter by himself. So many guys wouldn't want to do that. Yes I know he's fictional, but he seems very real. Kelly was good too. She had some shadows in her past and had to work through them and find some self acceptance. And that's a good lesson right there and a good draw to a realistic character. The baby played a somewhat lesser role in this book, despite it being the main focus of the story.

Considering this book was all about a baby, it was more than just feedings and diapers and baby stuff. Which actually that was kind of weird because the baby played a small role next to the romance story. It was more Kelly and Tanner doing stuff and getting stuff ready for the baby as opposed to taking care of her. But it was still a good story. There are some long sex scenes in it, so if that's not your thing, you probably shouldn't read it. I liked how everything progressed and the book had a good pace to it.

I would try this author again. She has a nice style and the romance was a good read.

Their Little Princess
Copyright 2000
246 pages

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