February 05, 2012

A One-Of-A-Kind Family by Holly Jacobs

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this book. The cover and title made me believe it was going to be something incredibly different (and yes I know I should start reading the back cover, but that just spoils the surprise). It had a great message, and a little romance to go with it.

Anna is a life coach for an organization that helps the developmentally disabled. Part of her job is to go out to her client's homes, and help them to learn to be more self sufficient. So when she gets client Colm, and his twin brother Liam, who is his guardian, she's thrown a little off kilter. Liam is very handsome, but stern, while Colm is an absolute joy to work with and capable of so much more than he's been allowed to do. Anna becomes very attached to both men, and is a little unsure of how to proceed with Colm due to his brother's overprotectivness. She wants him to be all that he can be, but Liam just wants to keep him safe, even if it means being overprotective. And she feels for Liam more than she should for a client's guardian.

Anna is a very joyful person. She just wants to do what's best for her clients. Actually she comes off a little too perfect at times, but hey, its a romance, its expected of the heroine to be amazing. Liam was a little more standoffish but I felt his character was very believable. And I also understood his attraction to Anna, considering that most people wouldn't be able to have a romance with someone who has an adult dependent living with them. Since she was in that line of work, she was a good fit. Colm was absolutely charming, and I actually did picture him as an eight year old (which is what his mental capacity was said to be at) so I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not since he was actually a grown adult.

I did like the idea of this book. It took a subject that's usually not talked about, and made it into a romance. Yes, the romance actually took a backburner to the rest of it, but it was still a good read. And it was very informative about the developmentally disabled community and the troubles it faces. And yes this was a romance novel, but there was no graphic sex in it. There actually was barely any kissing, so like I said, the romance was more of a a side story. But it was a quick read, and kind of a happy theme, so it was pleasant.

One of the better romances I've read lately. I would read more by this author.

A One-Of-A-Kind Family
Copyright 2010
309 pages

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