February 26, 2012

Tangled Web by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Well this was certainly an unusual romance. And although everything is somewhat plausible there were some elements to this book that I wasn't sure what to think of.

When news of his father's business failing reaches his ears, Chase has to come back from the rainforests to see what's going on. His father's young widow, Hope, is seemingly running the business the best she can, but Chase's mother, bitter from her breakup with Chase's father which she thinks was caused by Hope, is determined to get Hope thrown out of the company. Hope has other secrets too, secrets that Chase is determined to find out. But he can't help but be attracted to her. And he likes her son, which is technically his half brother, and enjoys spending time with him. But do to that means to get a little too close for comfort to Hope.

Hope I didn't find quite believable. Her story is plausible in many ways, and its a shame that such things can happen in our world, but they do everyday unfortunately. But she has an awful lot of coincidences that come together for her. And she's inconsistent in her feelings as well. Chase is a little too good to be true as well. He seems quite selfless and never makes mistakes and it just makes him feel like he's quite real. Yes, yes I know its fiction, but the characters should still be lifelike. I did like the son, he seemed very plausible and like an actual little boy.

The plot kind of meanders about and honestly, there is some uproar that I don't really think was needed to make the book interesting. The romance and character development was interesting enough. And I think the side story of the business was enough to carry the book as well. As a result, adding more into it made it a bit muddled. The romance, I really don't think was something that would happen in real life. But hey, I could be wrong, I'm no expert. There is a sex thing, so if that's not your thing, you have been warned.

Ok romance. If I happened to run across anything else by this author I would probably read it.

Tangled Web
Copyright 1992
217 pages

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