February 29, 2012

The Cowboy's Family by Brenda Minton

I almost rated this book only three stars. But then I thought about it more and more, and discovered that there were actually quite a few things I appreciated about it.

After the death of his wife, Wyatt really hasn't gotten back into the swing of things. Sure he's still out there working, taking care of the two daughters he loves, and just getting on with life, but he isn't really moving on. So when the preacher's daughter, Rachel starts coming around, helping with the kids, he's not really prepared for the feelings he has for her either. And Rachel has pretty much given up on love, she lives with her parents to take care of her ill mother and hasn't had love come her way despite wanting it for so long. So she's given up and just devotes herself to her work in the ministry and helping others around town. The two don't seem too prepared for a relationship, but they can't deny that there is some spark between them.

The kids were great in the book. My favorite characters actually. Wyatt wasn't too bad either. Confused, loving, clueless, he did the best he could and seems to be a great guy without being unrealistic. Rachel is nice too, and a caring person. I just wish more of her back story would have been included. The author hints at so many things but never really comes out and says a lot of what Rachel refers to. They have a quiet chemistry between the two of them, and it works. Its rather sweet actually.

My biggest complaint with the book would probably be pacing. It does so well for awhile and then the ending just kind of shoots off like a rocket and goes way too fast. It really did feel too rushed and made the ending seem fake to me. But the rest of the book was good. Nice plot ideas, easy writing. Since this is a Love Inspired one I actually expected not to like it. I haven't had too good of luck with that type. But this one, unlike most of the others isn't really preachy. Sure it mentions elements of Christianity, but it doesn't shove it down your throat, which is nice for people just looking for a gentle read. And another result is that there are no sex scenes in this book, just some light kissing.

A very nice sweet romance. If the ending hadn't been rushed it would have been almost perfect.

The Cowboy's Family
Copyright 2011
218 pages

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