February 15, 2012

The Baker's Apprentice by Judith Hendricks

I read the first book in this series, Bread Alone, and enjoyed it. This book I didn't think was as good. It wasn't terrible by any means, but it just didn't hold the charm that the first one did. And I wouldn't recommend reading this one without having read the other one first.

Wynter is now a part owner of the bakery where she churns out Artisan bread. She's got a boyfriend, Mac, who runs hot and cold at the best of times, but she's crazy about him. Even though her divorce isn't final she's picking up her life and moving on. So when they hire a new person at the bakery, and their younger assistant Tyler throws a fit, she's not sure what to do to keep the peace. Mac keeps acting stranger too and Wynter just wants to live a normal happy life, without all the drama, but doesn't seem to be able to get the chance.

Wynter kind of ticked me off in this book. It may be a somewhat spoiler, but I dislike her thoughts about abused women in this book. Its insulting and insensitive and while her partner Ellen showed more compassion, Wyn was not very kind. And that made it very hard for me to connect with her character. She also seemed to have a lot of drama in her life, which is exhausting. Her boyfriend too wasn't the greatest, I honestly, even at the end of the book couldn't figure out why she liked him so much. There was no compelling reason to like him because he was mostly a jerk who needed to grow up and face his demons.

The plot kind of bounced around too. There were so many storylines that just didn't really connect with each other. I always like when they talk about the bakery, but the whole separate story about Mac I really didn't find interesting at all and it messed up the rest of the flow of the book for me. What was great about this book were the different bread recipes that were included. I'm always a sucker for food books, so this worked to my advantage, especially since I'd like to learn to bake a better loaf of bread. So the food elements were good at least.

Not as good as the first. I'm not sure if I'd read the third book if there was another one to come out.

The Baker's Apprentice
Copyright 2005
384 pages

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