February 28, 2012

Maddie Inherits a Cowboy by Jeannie Watt

A different take on a Western romance, but still, not as good as it probably could have been. I just couldn't really connect to the characters in this one, although I liked the theme.

Madeline is headed out to visit a ranch. A ranch that she inherited a share of when her brother died. It hasn't been doing as well financially, but that's not the real reason she's going. She needs to hideout for awhile as she's under investigation for academic misconduct. Even though she's not guilty, she still needs to get away from it for awhile. Her brother's partner, Ty isn't too thrilled about the visit though. He doesn't like the way Madeline questions his business running tactics and he can't really look at her without remembering what happened to her brother Skip. Skip's death is something he blames himself for and he hasn't really been the same since the accident. But Madeline isn't the type to let him hide from her, and he does find himself a bit attracted to her.

Madeline is a little too hard nosed for me. I know that's the way she's supposed to be, but it comes off as irritating sometimes. Especially when she rushes forward aimlessly. Considering she's a college professor, I guess I just expected her actions to be more thought out. Ty is a bit irritating too. He has this martyr vibe going on and its not attractive, even if Madeline thinks so. He's real I guess, but just not as likable as I'd like. And since they're both out on an isolated ranch we really don't have much contact with a whole lot of other characters in the book. So its mainly just the two of them to keep us entertained.

I did like the western ranch theme of this book. Anyone running an organic cattle ranch is something I can get behind. And launching a professor into the middle of it is a good twist. Although I did think that the chores and the running of the ranch seemed greatly watered down from what I would have expected them to be. Granted, I don't know a lot about the business, but it just seemed too easy. There is a sex scene in this book, but it was fairly mild in my opinion. The rest of the book read fast and was an easy read, didn't require a lot of concentration.

Ok romance, nothing special. But nothing I would rush out of my way for definitely.

Maddie Inherits a Cowboy
Copyright 2011
283 pages

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