February 27, 2012

He Calls Her Doc by Mary Brady

I have to admit, I really didn't understand this book. It was an easy enough read, but some of the character's actions just didn't make a whole lot of sense.

As the new doctor in town, Maude has a lot to tackle. First off, the townspeople remember her as a kid. Second, she's a woman. And third, she's just not the doctor the townspeople seem to want for their town. Add in a handsome doctor currently working as a tour guide, who also happens to be her late friend's brother, and Maude has other worries. Because Guy doesn't seem to like her, and he's dealing with his brother's daughter too who has come to live with him. A good many townspeople want him to be the doctor, and are prepared to run Maude straight out of business. She's not sure if she can ever earn their trust, and she's not sure how Guy feels about her either.

I like Maude. She seems a good person and is able to stand up for herself. And she's laid back, kind, just an overall well rounded character. Guy on the other hand I don't understand. He's got some weird emotions going on and his instant attraction to Maude is a bit strange as well. Then there's the whole history between them that never really gets explained but is mentioned several times. That just made me more confused rather than helped me understand the dynamic between them. There's several side characters, but none really get too much time except for Guy's niece, who serves as a problem for the two characters. But even she takes a backburner to the medical plots these two doctors have.

The romance was ok. I didn't understand the chemistry so it could have been better. And there are sex scenes in this book, just so you know. The medical stuff was somewhat interesting, although I'm not sure how realistic it is since I'm not a medical professional. The plot went really fast and wrapped up a little too neatly and quickly. And the little side plots made the book kind of dance all over the place. And that wasn't the only thing dancing all over the place, sometimes the characters went from doing one thing to another in the space of a paragraph and it read real choppy at those times. It was an easy read, and didn't require much thought, but I think it could have been developed a little better.

Not the best of the romance genre. I'm not sure I'd recommend it to anyone.

He Calls Her Doc
Copyright 2009
243 pages

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